Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rave reviews of Trois Pistoles and Unibroue 15

Today was a red-letter day for Unibroue press. First, Josh Rubin of the Toronto Star published a well-researched and thoughtfully-written review of Trois Pistoles. I am glad Josh's review included a few insightful quotes from our Master Brewer, Paul Arnott. Later in the day, William Brand of the Oakland Tribune penned a piece on Unibroue 15 (and he also blogged about it), raving about how this vintage ale has improved with age. For those keeping score at home, Unibroue 15 was bottled on 6 January 2006, so it is only about 15 months old now. Like its predecessors 10, 11, Edition 2004 and Edition 2005, Unibroue 15's flavor profile will undoubtedly exhibit more palate-pleasing complexity with the passage of time... a phenomenon that I'll discuss a future posting.


Brendan said...

do you know if the folks at unibroue are discontinuing production of my favorite beer in the universe, Terrible?

Gravy Bread said...

Are you the guy who used to have a Wolfhounds website? I'm going though some of my printouts of old websites I referenced and came across your name on that, if you are the same guy. Just curious. -EG

Anonymous said...

Oh favourite brewers in North America.

Sadly, impossible to find in Iowa so far...unless I want to shell out for a full pallet. Time to make a trip to find the nearest retailer.